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 The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board (MCSAB or the Board) is pleased to invite proposals for high-quality charter schools seeking to open in the 2018-2019 school year or thereafter. The MCSAB is charged with approving quality charter proposals that meet identified educational needs and promote a diversity of educational choices, and declining to approve weak or inadequate charter proposals.

Please contact if you have any questions about submitting a proposal.

Eligibility - Legal Requirements
State law sets out specific requirements for all groups submitting charter proposals:
  • Only nonprofit organizations may hold charters in Mississippi
  • Charter holders may only contract with non-profit ESPs
  • Applicant teams must provide proof of US citizenship for all board members, school staff, and (if applicable) key staff of the ESP.
  • Any applicant proposing conversion of an existing public school must demonstrate support for the conversion.
All applicants must meet these eligibility requirements in order to submit a full proposal.

Applicant Types

In this RFP cycle, applicants will be considered in three groups, each of which has specific requirements.

New Operators are nonprofit organizations which:
have never operated a charter school OR currently operate a charter school that has been open for less than one school year (regardless of location); do not intend to employ an educational service provider OR intend to employ an educational service provider that has not operated a school for more than one year (regardless of location).

Existing Operators are nonprofit organizations which currently: have one or more schools in operation nationwide which have been in operation for more than one full school year; intend to employ an educational service provider with one or more schools in operation for more than one full school year.

Conversion Applicants are nonprofit organizations, either new or exisitng operators, which propose to convert an existing traditional public school to charter status.
2017 Request for Proposals Timeline
Task or Milestone
 Launch of 2017 Application Cycle
 January 24th
 Launch of 2017 Online Application Portal
 January 30th
 Prospective Applicant Informational Webinar
 January 31st - 10am
 This information session will provide those interested in applying for a charter in this cycle with an overview of the process; detailed demonstration of the online application system;  high level walkthrough of the RFP; and a detailed walkthrough of the application timeline,  requirements, and eligibility demonstration. The Webinar will be recorded. Please email to reserve your seat. 
 Deadline for Mandatory LOI and Eligibility demonstration
 March 7th (3pm CST)
 In order to be eligible to submit a full proposal, all interested parties must submit the MANDATORY LOI and accompanying eligibility documentation.
 Eligibility Determinations
 March 10th
 The Board will review the LOI packets for each applicant and issue a determination on eligibility. Applicants deemed ineligible will be disqualified from submitting a full proposal in this cycle.
 Applicant Orientation Webinar
 March 23rd (2pm CST)
 Deadline for Complete Proposals
 May 9th (3pm CST)
 All proposals must be submitted in complete and final form by this date.  Incomplete proposals, including those which are only partially uploaded, will be disqualified from this cycle.
 Initial Completeness Findings Distributed
 May 17th
 Proposals will be reviewed for completeness. If a proposal is incomplete and/or incorrectly formatted, the applicant will have 48 hours to rectify issues and resubmit the proposal.
 Completeness Remedy/Resubmission Deadline
 May 19th (3pm CST)
 Applicants who do not respond by this deadline will be disqualified from this cycle.
 Final Completeness Findings Distributed
 June 5th
 Applicants failing to satisfactorily rectify identified issues within the allotted time will be disqualified from this cycle.
 Stage 2 Evaluation
 June 6th - June 27th
 Stage 2 Findings Distributed
 July 10th
 Stage 3 Evaluation Team Review
 July 11th - August 1st
 Capacity Interviews
 August 2nd - 4th
 Interviews will ONLY be held on these days; applicants are requested to keep all dates entirely open on their calendars.
 Public Hearings  Mid-August TBD
 Third Party Evaluation to Applicants  August 18th
 Applicant Response to Third Party Evaluation Due  August 25th (3pm CST)
 MCSAB Proposal Decisions
 September 11th